Mediation is an assisted conversation between individuals or groups who are having difficulty communicating in the way they would like.

As a skilled mediator, Leah creates an opportunity for each party to express what is most important to them, helping them work through the "stuck" places in a way that frees up more choice. Through the mediation process all parties are given the opportunity to be fully heard and understood about how it is for them, as well as the opportunity to hear and understand how it is for the other. Out of this there is great potential for more effective communication and creative outcomes.

Leah specializes in assisting in transitions where ongoing connection and communication are desired. Some examples include:

  • Divorce or separation where continuing contact will be important
  • Business Partnerships or organizations experiencing change
  • Families with children becoming teens/young adults or with decisions to make around care of aging parents
  • Groups, committees, clubs, councils, etc. moving through challenging change

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Are you wanting

  • a more peaceful relationship with your ex?
  • more open communication with your teenager?
  • more productive collaboration with a workmate?
  • more efficient meetings in your organization?

These are just a few examples of relationships that can benefit from Peaceful Purpose
Mediation Services!

Leah’s preferred style of mediation is based in Nonviolent Communication® (NVC), the work pioneered by Marshall Rosenberg. In NVC Mediation the focus is on helping people in conflict communicate in a way that leads to understanding and connection. Through a process of expression and reflection, the parties are assisted in getting clear about what’s most important to them and talking about it.

For more information about NVC:
Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)
Maine NVC Network
Open Communication


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